Wednesday, June 01, 2011

At&t-mobile merger

It's really hard to not get behind Sprint's objections to the Att & t-mobile merger but it's going to happen. I'm a customer of both Att and t-mobile. I really don't like Att but my taste for Apple products and love of not getting screwed on early termination fees are keeping me there for at least a couple more years. Also, I'm not willing to jump to another carrier until the LTE/4G smoke clears. Who wants to re-live HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray or Beta vs VHS?

It's really like driving a shitty car. The car is junk and you know it, but it gets you where you need to go and you have all the little work arounds figured out for all of it's quirks.

Hey Att how does it feel to have your network compared to a 1984 Honda Civic?

I tell you how it feels...they don't care as long as your bill gets paid.

“While we take this customer feedback very seriously, we believe that churn, not surveys, are the best indicator of true customer satisfaction because it reflects the most important way people vote, namely, with their feet,” AT&T spokeswoman Meredith Adams said.

Yes, customers wanting to avoid early termination fee's is a sign of customer loyalty.

Must be nice to be that big...and that's why they shouldn't get bigger.