Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How realistic is it to update a blog from the iPad

So I log into blogger.com the google blogging site. I can type in the subject of the article but can't edit the text field of the blog post unless I click the edit HTML tab. So at this point I would say that without an app to do this with i would say this is a minor FAIL. I state that it's minor because I can edit type in the text.

Adding an image is a major FAIL because there is no way to get the picture off of iPad or at least a way that I can figure out.

Typing is O.K. But it slides around on my lap So putting in lots of text without he Bluetooth keyboard at this point is not a lot of fun. I say at this point because lets face it. The iPhone wasn't a treat until I got used to it and now i consider all other smarts phones seem like a royal pain the the rear now.

All of these things are the result of being an early adopter of the technology. I'm not down on the iPad it's just the simple fact of the way things are now. Thank goodness the predictive typing works as well as it does. It truly keeps this from being the train wreck that it could be using this.

That's all for now.

Monday, April 12, 2010

iPad vs Kindle 2

After a week of using the iPad and having owned a Kindle 2 for little more than a year I have come to this conclusion.

E-ink is better for reading than the iPad. The iPad is great and it's cool to have both iBooks and Kindle Reader on the same device. iPad is a better overall device. But when it comes to reading straight text E-ink is less straining on the eyes.

Now who will win the battle of the backpack? They will both be there. The Kindle is so light weight I'm not going to notice it. I don't think Kindle can pull off the kind of universal platform like the iPad for applications and I don't think it should try. I think they both have their places. It's all about the right tool for the job.