Monday, December 29, 2008

Hey Facebook buddies check this out scammers trolling for your passwords.

Hey Facebook buddies....don't fall for this scam.

The Internet Storm Center has a post about people receiving notifications on Facebook about there images being stolen and reposted on other sites. You click on a link and that site asks you for your userid and password. BIG NO NO.

Please read this:

POST 300 - And it's a complaint to Nintendo...fix your freaking website

Dear Nintendo,

Just wanted to let you know it was a good Christmas at my house. We picked up a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo DS. Being a good customer I wanted to register my product so you can fill my in box and mailbox with crap. But one small problem. Mario tells me that Club Nintendo is down. In fact, he's been telling me that for 4 days now.

Other than that we are really enjoying your products.

New Nintendo Fan

______ UPDATE _______

Just got everything registered's about time.