Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How I got an iPhone and why I'm writing this post

I purchased a 1st gen iPhone for my wife for her birthday in Feb. of this year.  She loved it.  It's probably been one of 2 phones that she has had no complaints about.  She even read the book I bought for her about the iPhone.  She likes the phone that much.

Well, last month she dropped the phone in the toilet.  She said that the toilet had been freshly cleaned.  I will take her word for it.  Anyway she came home and said that she had dropped it in the toilet.  I told her before she even tried to turn it on again we needed to really give it a couple of weeks to dry out.

She was going out of town on business and decided she couldn't wait 2 weeks so she bought a new 3G version.  Now, I know what your saying.   She did it on purpose because she wanted a new phone.  Well, if I would have done it that would have probably been true.  But she really hates to spend money on stuff like that.  So I believed her when she said it was an accident.

So, I took the old phone and dried it out for a couple of weeks.  Plugged it up to the Mac Mini and fired it up.  Low and behold it worked.  The screen still had a little water in it, I could see some slight streaking but it worked.  I popped the sim out of my other ATT phone and put it in the toilet phone and activated it.

It continued to work.  I upgraded it to the 2.0 firmware and everything still worked..but the camera.  I got an error message that there wasn't enough room on the iPhone for it take a picture.  Which wasn't true.  I have like 12Gigs available.

A little research revealed that  lot of people had the same problem but the vast majority had been jail broken phones.  Not mine, it was a standard straight out of the box iPhone.  Nothing fishy going on here.

Anyway, I upgraded today to 2.0.1 and the camera is now working as you can see from the above picture.

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