Thursday, May 29, 2008

Attention Airlines!!! Let's make a deal...

U.S. Airways announced that it will no longer serve "free" snacks on flights. Earlier American Airlines and some other announced that they are going to start charging for checked luggage.

Fine...If you want to play by these rules and break the whole thing down to a city bus experience, then lets get a few things straight.

1. Be on time. I'm not talking about that close the door bull crap that makes your departure numbers.

2. Do not overbook flights. Hey I'm not stupid. Your doing this to either reduce the weight of a paying customer so you can add paying cargo or your trying to reduce ground crew expenses or both. Lets don't forget that a lot of people will not want to pay for the soda. So you have also eliminated the weight of a couple of cases of soda.

3. Do have enough crew members on hand to not back up the whole works when some location has bad weather.

4. Flight attendants must be pleasent. Trust me, I would be annoyed also if I had to push that cart down the aisle for a bunch of cry babies.

5. Have change on hand. I don't want to hear that stupid announcement "does anyone have change for a $20" a hundred times while I'm trying to close my eyes and ignore the person beside me.

6. Give me the entire can! If I'm paying for a freaking soda, then I want the whole can. Not that BS half a soda crap you pull now.

That should be a good start. You guys work on that and I will tell you how it's working. My next flight is in about 2 1/2 weeks. So get cracking.

JetBlue and Southwest....when are you guys going to lower the boom on us?

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