Friday, March 21, 2008

Windows Machines get a hot Safari Injection....Yeah, I'm not happy either

If you have read my posts you would think that I've become a regular fanboy of Apple. But after seeing what has happened with iTunes and the move to force feed Windows users a big serving of Safari, made me pause for a second and take notice.

I don't like having random stuff installed on my machines, even my two lonely XP boxes. This is not a cool move. I have tried to use Safari but I find that it comes up a little short in the heavy Java script based websites. I have also found that some media that's embedded in sites doesn't quit work either. The page layouts are broken at times. Currently I'm using FireFox and Safari. I usually try Safari first and then FireFox if something isn't working right.

We all bitch about Microsoft and bloatware on Windows and now Apple just pulled this. It's like Microsoft forcing you to install Internet Explorer on your Mac when you install Office. Of course I don't know, I'm using iWork but hey who's keeping score here.

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Jim said...

I have also given Safari for Windows a try and it's main attraction for me is that it's faster than Firefox for now. I'm hoping Firefox 3 changes that. Also I'm wondering why Apple decided to push Safari for Windows, what is Apple up to? Is Apple going to force you to use Safari with iTunes. If Apple wants to compete in the Windows Browser wars in IMHO they need to entice developers to build a broad library of extensions similar to what Mozilla has done with Firefox. In addition they need to get developers to write Safari extensions that work on both Mac and PC, which I doubt will happen with hard core Apple developers due to their strong distaste for anything running on Windows.