Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mac Book Air - It's not about the product....

So the first thing that everyone has done with the Mac Book Air is start ripping on how it doesn't have this or doesn't have that. I would like to point out one thing.

If you have noticed, with Apple it seems that it's not so much about the product but it's how they try to change the way you think about the product. I will give you an example. iPod. Before the iPod who in their right mind would have purchased a movie and watched it on a 3 inch monitor? Using the reasoning some have used regarding the lack of this or lack of that on the Mac Air, the iPod should have been the size of a cigar box.

Here is another example, iPhone. It's not about the phone call (but that's the primary function) its about providing a platform to do other stuff. Looking at how the Newton failed and learning some lessons from that. Don't do hand writing recognition or some type of short hand like Palm. Go natural with gestures for getting through the interface and don't limit the device with a stupid keyboard that just takes up room and power. Touch screen.

So, the point I want to make....before you start jumping on the "that's just dumb because it doesn't have this feature" think about what purpose is this device to be used for. I would also recommend everyone watch the 2008 Keynote from Mac World. It explains the thoughts behind the products.

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