Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Apple Juice Part 2

I did it and I'm not ashamed.  My wife wanted a MacAir and we bought here one.  I purchased a Dell Inspiron last year and I even added more memory taking it from 1 Gig to 1.5 Gigs.  But the combination of Vista and Office 2008 became unbearable for her.  I let her use my MacBook a couple of times and after she saw the Air she wanted one.

I moved her e-mail from Outlook to MacMail using a $10 (yes, ten buck) utility from LittleMachines.com called O2M and it worked like a charm.

I shared out my DVD drive on my MacBook and did the install of iWork from there.  The Apple File System seems to be very fast over a network.

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