Thursday, December 27, 2007

Drinking the Apple Juice Part 1

Well, we drank the Apple juice this Christmas. Sure, we where like everyone else, we had a couple of iPods laying around the house. In fact, I use my iPod almost every single day. But this year for Christmas I received a MacBook and I bought my wife and iPhone. This entry off my blog will tell you a little about my experience.

First things first. My first computer was a TI 99/4a. I received it when I was around 12 years old. My second computer was during the very start of the IBM PC Clone wars. It was a Sperry PC. You may remember Sperry they made mainframes and later merged with Burroughs and became Unisys (The power of 2). Yes, that was possibly the worst post merger company slogan I can think of.

My third computer was a custom build 286 from a little computer store in South St. Louis County. My forth computer was a 386 from UltraComp in St. Louis. My fifth computer was a 486 from some guys in Kenner, LA that advertised in the Computer Shopper magazine. They used to have a parrot in their ads. The last 2 machines where really good. After that, things become a little fuzzy since I was doing IT work at the time and doing some side business with a guy who built PC's.

But my point is this. I've always been a Microsoft guy. In 2000 I purchased an Apple G4. I used it for a little Photo Shop work but it didn't really connect with me. I thought it was a little hard to use at the time and felt that it kept too much of the computer away from me. If that makes sense. You see at the time I was really in FreeBSD. As a matter of fact, I started using FreeBSD in the old 2.2 days which was around 1995. I still used Microsoft for meat and potatoes PC stuff. But every time someone needed a PC to do something, I would try to get it working with FreeBSD first. To be honest, I'm still a huge advocate of FreeBSD and run several servers at home.
This year (2007) I started having an urge for something Apple. Maybe it's because I started reading "Steve Job's Secret Diary" blog this year or maybe it's because I read the reviews of Leopard (maybe not). But this year I had a yearning for Apple. On December 25th Santa brought me what I wanted for Christmas. And for the first time in a LONG time I was really excited about a computer in the house.
Part II (The Apple experience and how it differs)

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Jim said...

Supposedly there is a new Macbook to be announced at Macworld week after next.