Friday, November 23, 2007

Questions for retailers and the media...

So, Thanksgiving is over and now the push for Christmas happens. Why is it that every year they say the Black Friday will make or break retailers? Every year they say "this could be the worst retail season in 5 years"? Why do we never really hear the news story about how great it was? Why don't they make a point of saying that since the beginning of the shopping season now happens in September, that you aren't going to get the same pop that you would have if you would have waited to start beating the consumer over the head with Christmas crap? Why doesn't anyone do a story on the fact that online retailing is probably taking the traffic away from brick and mortar?

I will tell you one really cares and you have to make a story out of something. Let's face it, if a store goes out of business that only means one thing...SALE. It's sad. It's harsh. It's the truth. The retail business is tough.

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