Friday, July 06, 2007

My Caymas Saga Continues

So, 1 week to the day after I recieve the e-mail from Caymas Systems that they are no longer in business. One of my Caymas 318's died. Actually what happened was the cluster failed over and the other box hung while rebooting. So what we ended up doing was manually powering off. The problem was that powering it off with the power button on the front of the box did not work.

So I pulled the power cord out of the back of the box since the power switch did not work either.

When I tried to switch it back on, it came up to the "Booting system" prompt and sat there for 24 hours. I then pulled the power cord out of the back again. After that it wouldn't power up or spin any of the sytem fans.

"She's gone Jim!"

So, at that point I decided to do what any good computer guy would do. Cracked that sucker opened and took a look.

So at this point the non-existing warranty has been voided.

We all know that most appliances are nothing more than 1U rack mount PC's. The Caymas box is pretty much the same. It does have some cool engineering for things like the little LCD display, etc.

Over in the far left hand side is where the power suppy was. I pulled it. As luck would have it, it's a pretty standard item. The power supply is made by Sparkle Power International and the part number is FSP250-601U. I found one on-line for about $65.00 from RackMount Systems.

Here is a picture of the power supply.

So, it's been ordered. Once I get it in I will update the page and hopefully I will be able to get my second box back into service.

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