Monday, May 21, 2007

XM what's the deal here

First you really pissed me off by suspending Opie and Anthony. Now you have a service outage do to the loss of a Satellite down link. You guys better get your sh$t together over there.

At first I was going to cancel because of the O&A thing but I thought that June 15th would get here pretty quickly and I can listen to some CD's or something on my 2 hour commute per day. Not to mention that I bought my Dad one for Fathers day 2 years ago and I just buy him another year of service for Fathers Day. But now....I'm rethinking the whole thing.

Come on XM. You used to be the cool guys on the block. You where kicking butt and taking names. Next thing I know your in bed with Sirius and that Howard what's his name. Instead of acting like a safe heaven for your talent you start acting like every other big media company and giving in at the least little whimper from people who are too cheap to subscribe to the service.

Please, get it together. Bring O&A back and get Rock and Roll transmitting again. Please, don't turn into a "has been".

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