Thursday, May 31, 2007

Caymas Systems, Inc. - Where are you

I (the company that I work for) use Caymas Systems NAC and I (the company that I work for) love it. In fact, they are pushing more and more traffic onto the NAC. I (as a person who work in technology) am a little concerned with Caymas Systems, Inc.

Back in April I asked support about Vista support. I was told they are working on it but could not give me a date for it's release. June 11th will make 2 months. And on June 11th I will re-open the support ticket and ask the question again.

As a company they have been having financial issues. I'm concerned and a little sad by the whole thing. If anyone from Caymas Systems is reading this....I hope everything works out for you guys. You have a great product and I have enjoyed working with you and want to continue to work with you in the future.


Sunil Sivanand said...

Hi Ray: Yes, we too thought that they had a great product and signed up a partnership for the product. We also took delivery of seven units of varying performance! A round of technical training was done, but when it came for the continutation of the training, the techie staff all disapeared!! We are just waiting to see the outcome of their re-structuring and liquidation proceedings. I too like you hope that somebody will see value in the technology and buy the company--even if it comes in cheap!

Sunil Sivanand

Keith said...

Their web site is not responding again, is that it for Caymas?

Gentry said...

We recieved this e-mail today.

Dear Caymas Customer,

We informed you via letter on April 23, 2007 that the Assets of Caymas Systems Inc. have been assigned to be sold and Caymas thereafter to be wound down. This letter is to inform you that certain assets of Caymas have been sold. However, the
buyer will not be continuing with the Caymas Product or with supporting the Caymas Product. Therefore, there will no longer be any support made available to you effective immediately. A copy of this information will also be made available to all customers via the self-service portal on the support section of the website shortly.


Bernie Murphy
Caymas (assignment for the benefit of creditors), LLC

Sanjay Uppal
Caymas Systems Inc.

Very sad... great box...