Tuesday, October 24, 2006

33 Reasons VoIP is Destroying Traditional Telecoms

By 2010 more than 25% of American households will no longer even own a traditional land line. VOIP is cheaper and has better technology. Better yet, you don't have to deal with telecom customer service.

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Good article and good run down on the players in the VOIP market.

I think that Cell Phone companies have done more to move the adoption of VOIP ahead than even the VOIP companies. Lets face it, we are use to poor call quality because we use Cell Phones. Dropped calls annoy us, but we continue to pay for cell phone minutes. So, when a VOIP call stinks as far as quailty, does it bother us? Nope. We are use to it.

Cell Phone companies also got us in the habit of thinking of the number of minutes that we use. We only pay for what we think we will use. The Telco's never really wanted to point out the fact that you are paying a premium for as many minutes as you can use. You all know that Cell Phone companies have the same quality problems, so you shop for the cheapest minutes.

I think that VOIP companies need to look at cool hardware. This is pretty much what Cell companies have done to draw users. Offer the newer technology and phones that look cool.

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