Monday, October 30, 2006

Polycom embraces Asterisk open source IP PBX...

"Asterisk, the open source IP PBX platform, has taken another step towards becoming mainstream with the announcement by global conferencing technology company, Polycom that it is to offer IP PBX systems based on the Asterisk Business Edition..."

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Friday, October 27, 2006

10 Bittorrent users can cause delays on our Broadband connection

Leslie Ellis at Multichannel News has an article (dated: 5/8/2006) called BitTorrent’s Swarms Have a Deadly Bite On Broadband Nets. There was a study that came out stating that "Based on the research, conducted by Terry Shaw, of CableLabs, and Jim Martin, a computer science professor at Clemson University, it only takes about 10 BitTorrent users bartering files on a node (of around 500) to double the delays experienced by everybody else. Especially if everybody else is using “normal priority” services, like e-mail or Web surfing, which is what tech people tend to call “best-effort” traffic."

I've used bittorrent and it works very well. I have and do use VOIP. I know that the guys at bittorrent have been trying to work a business model for their software. I see these 2 as competing goals. For example, at home I use M0n0Wall firewall and in the firewall I have VOIP traffic setup for priority. I think that you will see more of the Broadband providers implement their EULA when it comes to bittorrent and start slowing those connection down.

It will be interesting, I know that in the past some ISP specifically traditional Teleco's and cable networks have been surpressing or traffic shaping VOIP traffic that is not theirs. I think they should probably be looking more at Bittorrent and more P2P network protocols.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

33 Reasons VoIP is Destroying Traditional Telecoms

By 2010 more than 25% of American households will no longer even own a traditional land line. VOIP is cheaper and has better technology. Better yet, you don't have to deal with telecom customer service.

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Good article and good run down on the players in the VOIP market.

I think that Cell Phone companies have done more to move the adoption of VOIP ahead than even the VOIP companies. Lets face it, we are use to poor call quality because we use Cell Phones. Dropped calls annoy us, but we continue to pay for cell phone minutes. So, when a VOIP call stinks as far as quailty, does it bother us? Nope. We are use to it.

Cell Phone companies also got us in the habit of thinking of the number of minutes that we use. We only pay for what we think we will use. The Telco's never really wanted to point out the fact that you are paying a premium for as many minutes as you can use. You all know that Cell Phone companies have the same quality problems, so you shop for the cheapest minutes.

I think that VOIP companies need to look at cool hardware. This is pretty much what Cell companies have done to draw users. Offer the newer technology and phones that look cool.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Pumpkinputer

Nice mod for the Halloween addicted geek.


The smell of work pumpkin throughout the house. I mean only when you are playing BattleField 2 or something.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Guy Who Swears At Dave (LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN)

I need some days off.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A sneaky change in Windows licensing terms by ZDNet's Ed Bott -- Microsoft just released the licensing agreements for Windows Vista, and I read them carefully. Buried in the fine print is a dramatic change in licensing terms from the Windows XP versions. Think you can transfer a retail Windows license to any machine you want? Think again.

Yet again, does this surprise anyone? To be honest with you, I always thought that was the case with Windows. Doesn't mean that I didn't move copies to new machines as I got them. I say "good job" to Microsoft. Keep driving your product into the ground. Just makes me interested to see who is coming next to knock them down.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Blue Screen of Death Top 10

Miguel Carrasco posts on his blog today his "Blue Screen of Death Top 10". Pretty funny and pretty scarey at the same time. We've all seen them and I have to agree any BSOD dealing with public transportation bothers me to no end. I'm just glad there aren't any of flight controllers with that crap on their screen.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Secret Failures of Microsoft...

Here is an extremely interesting blog post about Microsoft and where it has failed in the past and why it may have an uphill battle in the future. I wouldn't classify myself as a fan of Microsoft even though I, like most people, use the OS daily and have a couple of machines at home that run the OS.

The one thing that I thought of at the end of the article was Hayes. Does anyone remember them. Hayes' modems and the Hayes' standard. Think about it. The disappearance of Hayes from the IT landscape is like no one remembering that Band-Aid isn't a thing but a brand.....oh wait. That is what everyone thinks. Is it the nature cycle of business or is the nature cycle of IT business? It makes companies like IBM, General Motors and GE all the more amazing.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Microsoft linked to helping SCO in Linux case...don't look surprised

Saw this post over on Slashdot Microsoft Shown Involved with Baystar and SCO. My first reaction was "so?". Let's face it, Microsoft has started to take the Linux serious. If they could throw a little cash to possibly slow it down why not. I have learned that businesses are like castles. They need to have wide mottes to protect themselves from attackers. $20 million to widen the mote is a small price to pay. So Linux guys, don't get upset. Take this as a badge of honor. Your OS is growing up and being taken seriously.

Friday, October 06, 2006

DJ Vader Rocking the House

I've always been a fan of rap and hip-hop. I love nothing more than a good DJ who can rock the wheels of steel. Check out DJ Vader. You will not be disappointed. And may the force be with you.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's about Time and time!!!

A watch with BlueTooth that vibrates and shows callerid when someone is calling you. How sweet is this. Here is the link to Fossil's website for this watch.

Here is an interesting article from Matt Slagle on this watch, the pros and cons.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Yahoo's Strategy: Growth by Acquisition

Yahoo!'s shopping spree is showing no signs of letup. During the past 18 months, the online media and search giant has acquired photo sharing startup Flickr, social bookmarking site, and Upcoming, a user-generated social events calendar. It has also tried to acquire social networking site Facebook for upwards of $1 billion.


Didn't Cisco try this or I should say does this along with Juniper and any other big player. The Facebook move is scarey in a way. I mean from what I understand Facebook is a site for school kids. Nothing like moving product with the kids.

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