Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept. 11 2001

Wow, 5 years have already gone by since that day. I was working at a start up company and we had just sent our CIO and President to New York the day before. The CIO had stayed a day over because he is from New York. As a matter of fact, they had a meeting in one of the towers on Sept. 10th with some VC guys. Our CIO flew back on the 10th and was coming into the office later that day. I was there with some developers when I got a call from our LAN Admin. He told me that someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center. I told him to stop screwing around with me. He said turn on the TV. We worked in an office that was at one time used by a stock trading company so we had several TV's hung from the ceiling. I turned the TV's on and needless to say our world stopped. We where watching the TV when the second plane hit and our world was never the same.

It took us a full day to find our President. He was fine but freaking out as I would have expected. Some really hard decisions had to be made since the financial community put everything on hold.

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