Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YouTube vs My Space....My take

I've watched a good bit of video off YouTube. Now, that doesn't mean that I've watched "good" video. But here is the difference between YouTube and MySpace.

  • YouTube is striaght forward. Content is easy to find. Basic rating system seems to work.
  • MySpace is annoying. Can't find anything or anybody on Myspace without joining. Reminds me of the old web days where everyone was trying to use every "feature" in html for the sake of using it. Big (i.e. Large) wallpapers. Annoying music and every possible flashing/blinking light known to the web.

I think YouTube is doing the google thing by keeping it simple.

Here is an article which discusses that YouTube has now taken over the lead in community building websites. Pretty good read:

YouTube overtakes MySpace - The rise and rise of YouTube.

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net1492 said...

Just read a post by Nick Bradbury the FeedDemon guy about a new "personal blogging service" called Vox. See what you think.

Seems Nick is not really a fan of MySpace either.