Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey Kensington! What's the deal?

I recently purchased the Kensington Bluetooth USB adapter (model# 33348) from good ol' Best Buy. I went to install this on a laptop but didn't have the driver CD with me. I went to the website and looked for support. I didn't find it. So, I googled it (of course) and found several posts regarding the status of the support. Well guess what? Kensington does not have a download set of drivers for it. So my question is, What's the Deal?

I know I only paid like $30.00 for the adapter but come on. You never plan to update your drivers for this thing? I mean, Linksys pretty much supports every bizarre WiFi card they ever created. I thought maybe Kensington was a real player here but I guess not. If you can't pull off support for a $30 item, why would I want to spend more with you.


So after posting this I did some more google digging and found this message thread: . In short, if you go to you will see several decent size zip files. These are the drivers you need. If you need drivers for the adapter I bought you pick

Here is the kicker, if you go to just you don't see the BT (Bluetooth) directory. It's hidden....nice!

I downloaded the driver, unzipped it and ran the install. A quick reboot and all is right with the world.

Thanks Kensington for being such tools. Thanks to my fellow netizens for helping a brother out and thanks Google for being....well Google.

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