Sunday, December 31, 2006

Costco finds a use for Microsoft Zune

Costco finds use for Microsoft Zune......selling iPods. Yet another reason for me to love Costco.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

This just end....something changed and the world did not explode

Just read this post over about parents learning to SMS message their kids.

OMG! Parents Use Txting to Chat With Kids

My friends and I used to get into debates about growing old. I used to get really scared by the idea that one day, I would just not want to learn anything else. I guess I know several people who have given up on learning anything new. That, really bothers me. As I said, I used to get scared about that. Then one of my friends looked me in the eyes and said "Dude, the fact that it bothers you means it won't happen."

I think people get freaked out by new things because our life moves at a pace, that we actually see evolution. Not evolution in the sense that we grow gills, but we evolve. That's what really separates us from the rest of the animal world. The fact that when we first saw a computer, we didn't take a crap in it or try to wear it like a hat. We looked at it and it sparked something in use that made us think of the possibilities.

Back to work.....

Came back to work after about 10 days off. It only took 10 hours of actually being at work to get me good and pissed again. That's not really bad considering that during non-holiday vacation it only takes 2 hours.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Stick a fork in it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I dont!

They luv McDonalds.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not bad, but I was just wondering

Wonder if Santa gets a break?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zach Braff.....You should list to this guy...He has a point!

If you look at the scheduler on my DishNetwork DVR you will find somewhere between SpongeBob Squarepants and The Family Guy the show Scrubs. I think Scrubs along with The Office, My Name is Earl and 30 Rock build a lineup the likes of which we haven't had in many, many years.

But you always hate to see an actor committing career suicide, because when they do, we have to live with their past greatness along with them. So, Zach, if your reading this please check out the blog entry at by Rebecca Kelley called: Zach Braff, Thy Self-Important Pensive Soul Searching Creeps Me Out.

PS. thank you NBC for making shows easy to find on your website.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Just Jack!

DJ Keltech - Knight Rider

Nice beat box work.

Offline MS patching

While reading the logs on ISC they mentioned this article on DIY Service Packs. Now, I really like the concept of being able to pull down Microsoft patches and burning them to a DVD. The reason is FAMILY SUPPORT. I get calls all the time from family about the PC running slow or some other opaque problem.

So, I downloaded the DIY scripts and gave it a try. the file I downloaded was call I unzipped it into it's own directory. I started the DownloadStarterGUI which looks something like this

Since I don't use Windows XP german, I selected Windows XP and I select "for all platforms (DVD) under the "Create ISO image(s) section.

Once you click the start here is what you get....

Well, this should be running for a while. I will update the blog with the next steps once it's finished.


Sorry it's been so long since I have posted to the blog, but my life has taken on a surreal slow motion quality as some things just feel to be falling apart. But I think things have bottomed out and it should be on the upswing soon.

I would like to send a congrats out to Boris on the birth of their new child.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

how to Appreciate Death Metal

Found this great entry over at .

How to Appreciate Death Metal

Never knew Death Metal had sub-categories. I can see it know...... Alex, I will take Death Metal Appreication for $200.

Remember, the more you know, the more you grow.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mars Rover (Spirit) Photographs Humanoid Skull? on its way to Gusev Crater

Before everyone cries "Photoshopped, Shopped, Altered, etc."...I've included the URL for the original Photograph at Official NASA Site in the first post. The Skull Looking Object is right there in plain sight.



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Zombie chickens rise from mass graves

At many egg farms, chickens that are too old to produce are suffocated with carbon dioxide and then dumped in a compost heap. Apparently though, "zombie birds" that managed to survive have been spotted emerging from mass graves at Northern California farms...



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Tricking TiVo

So you think you can flee from TV commercials by fast-forwarding on your digital video recorder? Hah. Advertisers are in hot pursuit.

Technology will always advance. It takes a life of it's own. But human curiosity will always prevail. My daughter is growing up with fewer commercials than I sat through as a kid thanks to DVR. At least for now. But if marketers give quality instead of qauntity then maybe they have something.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Autistic Basketball

Great video and great story.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not again

Waiting room

Friday, December 01, 2006

Not again

Waiting room

Monday, November 27, 2006


Looking out the window.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hard to believe....

but November is over. I can't believe it but we are staring down the end of 2006.

I will get my posting going next week, but for the past week and 1/2 have been insane here.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Multimedia message

Im thinking Arbys. Good stuff, but what the heck is a Jamocha?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Monday Night Football Cheap Shot

The problem here is that it was caught in the open.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Campbells Click-For-Cans

Campbell's will donate soup to the NFL city that 'wins' Click for Cans. We can't let Green Bay win !!!
ABOUT CLICK FOR CANS™Campbell's® Chunky™ soup and chili bring you Click for Cans – the easy way to help your favorite NFL team in Tackling Hunger! Now through December 15, 2006, visit every day to click on your favorite NFL team. A donation of Campbell's® soup will be made to a hunger relief charity on behalf of the team with the most clicks at the end of the competition. We'll also donate 2006 cans on behalf of the team that shows the most improvement in the number of clicks from last years' Click for Cans. Remeber, every click counts!

Click here:

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Run DMC Rock Box

1983, I was already into rap, but this took things to a whole new level. I meant that my music had gone big time. To some Run-DMC had sold out. To others, it meant that Rap was a force to be dealt with. I heard this song yesterday on XM 65 as a tribute to Jam Master Jay. Hope it brings back some good memories for you, I know it does for me.
24 Hour Ghetto Workout

Another insteresting fitness video. I would also say that these guys are smart, at least the guys making the video and what he says is very true. Most of these guys have never been in a gym like a Golds or 24hour fitness.
Don't Grunt in Planet Fitness!

WTF....This is stupid. Of course the worst part of this video is the comments made by the newcasters as they try to segway into the next bit of news. "Shhhh".

Monday, October 30, 2006

Polycom embraces Asterisk open source IP PBX...

"Asterisk, the open source IP PBX platform, has taken another step towards becoming mainstream with the announcement by global conferencing technology company, Polycom that it is to offer IP PBX systems based on the Asterisk Business Edition..."

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Friday, October 27, 2006

10 Bittorrent users can cause delays on our Broadband connection

Leslie Ellis at Multichannel News has an article (dated: 5/8/2006) called BitTorrent’s Swarms Have a Deadly Bite On Broadband Nets. There was a study that came out stating that "Based on the research, conducted by Terry Shaw, of CableLabs, and Jim Martin, a computer science professor at Clemson University, it only takes about 10 BitTorrent users bartering files on a node (of around 500) to double the delays experienced by everybody else. Especially if everybody else is using “normal priority” services, like e-mail or Web surfing, which is what tech people tend to call “best-effort” traffic."

I've used bittorrent and it works very well. I have and do use VOIP. I know that the guys at bittorrent have been trying to work a business model for their software. I see these 2 as competing goals. For example, at home I use M0n0Wall firewall and in the firewall I have VOIP traffic setup for priority. I think that you will see more of the Broadband providers implement their EULA when it comes to bittorrent and start slowing those connection down.

It will be interesting, I know that in the past some ISP specifically traditional Teleco's and cable networks have been surpressing or traffic shaping VOIP traffic that is not theirs. I think they should probably be looking more at Bittorrent and more P2P network protocols.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

33 Reasons VoIP is Destroying Traditional Telecoms

By 2010 more than 25% of American households will no longer even own a traditional land line. VOIP is cheaper and has better technology. Better yet, you don't have to deal with telecom customer service.

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Good article and good run down on the players in the VOIP market.

I think that Cell Phone companies have done more to move the adoption of VOIP ahead than even the VOIP companies. Lets face it, we are use to poor call quality because we use Cell Phones. Dropped calls annoy us, but we continue to pay for cell phone minutes. So, when a VOIP call stinks as far as quailty, does it bother us? Nope. We are use to it.

Cell Phone companies also got us in the habit of thinking of the number of minutes that we use. We only pay for what we think we will use. The Telco's never really wanted to point out the fact that you are paying a premium for as many minutes as you can use. You all know that Cell Phone companies have the same quality problems, so you shop for the cheapest minutes.

I think that VOIP companies need to look at cool hardware. This is pretty much what Cell companies have done to draw users. Offer the newer technology and phones that look cool.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Pumpkinputer

Nice mod for the Halloween addicted geek.


The smell of work pumpkin throughout the house. I mean only when you are playing BattleField 2 or something.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Guy Who Swears At Dave (LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN)

I need some days off.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A sneaky change in Windows licensing terms by ZDNet's Ed Bott -- Microsoft just released the licensing agreements for Windows Vista, and I read them carefully. Buried in the fine print is a dramatic change in licensing terms from the Windows XP versions. Think you can transfer a retail Windows license to any machine you want? Think again.

Yet again, does this surprise anyone? To be honest with you, I always thought that was the case with Windows. Doesn't mean that I didn't move copies to new machines as I got them. I say "good job" to Microsoft. Keep driving your product into the ground. Just makes me interested to see who is coming next to knock them down.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Blue Screen of Death Top 10

Miguel Carrasco posts on his blog today his "Blue Screen of Death Top 10". Pretty funny and pretty scarey at the same time. We've all seen them and I have to agree any BSOD dealing with public transportation bothers me to no end. I'm just glad there aren't any of flight controllers with that crap on their screen.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Secret Failures of Microsoft...

Here is an extremely interesting blog post about Microsoft and where it has failed in the past and why it may have an uphill battle in the future. I wouldn't classify myself as a fan of Microsoft even though I, like most people, use the OS daily and have a couple of machines at home that run the OS.

The one thing that I thought of at the end of the article was Hayes. Does anyone remember them. Hayes' modems and the Hayes' standard. Think about it. The disappearance of Hayes from the IT landscape is like no one remembering that Band-Aid isn't a thing but a brand.....oh wait. That is what everyone thinks. Is it the nature cycle of business or is the nature cycle of IT business? It makes companies like IBM, General Motors and GE all the more amazing.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Microsoft linked to helping SCO in Linux case...don't look surprised

Saw this post over on Slashdot Microsoft Shown Involved with Baystar and SCO. My first reaction was "so?". Let's face it, Microsoft has started to take the Linux serious. If they could throw a little cash to possibly slow it down why not. I have learned that businesses are like castles. They need to have wide mottes to protect themselves from attackers. $20 million to widen the mote is a small price to pay. So Linux guys, don't get upset. Take this as a badge of honor. Your OS is growing up and being taken seriously.

Friday, October 06, 2006

DJ Vader Rocking the House

I've always been a fan of rap and hip-hop. I love nothing more than a good DJ who can rock the wheels of steel. Check out DJ Vader. You will not be disappointed. And may the force be with you.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's about Time and time!!!

A watch with BlueTooth that vibrates and shows callerid when someone is calling you. How sweet is this. Here is the link to Fossil's website for this watch.

Here is an interesting article from Matt Slagle on this watch, the pros and cons.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Yahoo's Strategy: Growth by Acquisition

Yahoo!'s shopping spree is showing no signs of letup. During the past 18 months, the online media and search giant has acquired photo sharing startup Flickr, social bookmarking site, and Upcoming, a user-generated social events calendar. It has also tried to acquire social networking site Facebook for upwards of $1 billion.


Didn't Cisco try this or I should say does this along with Juniper and any other big player. The Facebook move is scarey in a way. I mean from what I understand Facebook is a site for school kids. Nothing like moving product with the kids.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

I didn't know the Kangaroo could take a good lick like this

It seems that everyone is upset about the "Animal Olympics" that where held in China.

I also wonder, what the monkey's max bench is? This kind of stuff makes me cheer when I watch "When Animals Attack!".

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

Multimedia message

No one should eat at TGI Fridays twice in one day.

You may think you hate it now, but wait till you drive it!

I think the title of the posts says a lot. We may hate the phone companies, but at least they aren't government run. I mean sure, if you have problems you may think they took the Soviet Union's attitude on customer service. But at least when you decided to change carriers they don't try to arrest you.

It seems this is a growing problem in some of the less development areas of the world. Check out this blogarticle (I'm trying to coin a new phrase) from TechDirt on VOIP providers who have been arrested by the governments of thier respective countries.

At least in the old U.S. they try to tax you out of business.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Multimedia message

Emergency rooms are not fun.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mark Cuban. Hate him. Love him. Think he's some jackass with a bizzilian dollars and a basketball team. That may all be true.

I think he's a very smart guy and I've learned a lot about how to think like an entrepreneur from reading his blog.

The latest entry is his prediction on the fall of YouTube and unfortunately, I think he's hit the nail on the head. I'm not afraid to say it. I LOVE YOUTUBE. I have spent hours at home, on my own time just searching for videos out there. Some have been very funny and some are just stupid. But I like to think that searching on YouTube is like panning for gold. The content you find that is funny and fresh makes all those wasted hours worth it. Then you share it with your friends and they think "Hey that's funny I wonder how he found that?". Or they think, "I wonder how much time he pisses away looking for this stuff". Either way, I've had fun and will continue while it lasts.

Mr Cuban's latest entry on YouTube: The Coming Dramatic Decline of Youtube.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Multimedia message

Happy Birthday Emma

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Segway recalls 23,000 Personal Transporters:

Hazard: The personal transporter can unexpectedly apply reverse torque to the wheels, which can cause a rider to fall. This can occur when the device is tilted back by the Speed Limiter and the rider comes off and then back onto the device within a short period of time.


My favorite part of the hazard statement "the rider comess off and then back onto the device within a short period of time.". Translation: Fall off, jump up and declare that "I meant to do that!".

Yes, I'm obsessed. Because I can't afford one!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I now know somebody who is related to someone that's practically famous

Check out Coach Brack as the color comentator for South East Texas Sports. Just click on the games under the "Archive" section. Click Here to take you to the list.

Asterisk 1.4 Released

I've been a huge fan of Asterisk, the open source PBX. They have released version 1.4 and a new GUI will be released for it shortly. I run Asterisk as Home using a combination of Vonage for long distance and a local POTS line for local service. I've been very happy with it and have learned a lot of things about Telco stuff and POTS line.

Here is a link to an announcement from

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept. 11 2001

Wow, 5 years have already gone by since that day. I was working at a start up company and we had just sent our CIO and President to New York the day before. The CIO had stayed a day over because he is from New York. As a matter of fact, they had a meeting in one of the towers on Sept. 10th with some VC guys. Our CIO flew back on the 10th and was coming into the office later that day. I was there with some developers when I got a call from our LAN Admin. He told me that someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center. I told him to stop screwing around with me. He said turn on the TV. We worked in an office that was at one time used by a stock trading company so we had several TV's hung from the ceiling. I turned the TV's on and needless to say our world stopped. We where watching the TV when the second plane hit and our world was never the same.

It took us a full day to find our President. He was fine but freaking out as I would have expected. Some really hard decisions had to be made since the financial community put everything on hold.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rethinking Google's system / Human-powered search premieres

Scott Jones knows it's probably not wise to try to out-Google Google. But he's also not ready to concede that the world's leading search engine, or any of its main competitors, has the Web search trick down completely.


This makes me crazy....I guess that I didn't think of it. Would people pay for someone to do their searches for them? Interesting concept...I wonder if it will fly?

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Programming Quotes

Here's a compilation of several programming-related quotes. For example: If you lie to the compiler, it will get its revenge (Henry Spencer); It's hard enough to find an error in your code when you're looking for it; it's even harder when you've assumed your code is error-free (Steve McConnell).


I'm a huge fan of quotes. I like the idea of saying something profound or shallow in one or two sentences. These are pretty good so I hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

RadioShack lays off 403 via e-mail

Imagine getting your pink slip via email. Radioshack lays off their employees online, that has to suck.


Yet another reason to not like RadioShack. I mean I have never understood who shops there. I go in from time to time, but I don't get it.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wow Post Number 100 - Saddam's Cartoon Capers

Check this story out in the UK. "Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone said US Marines guarding the former dictator during his trial for genocide were making him watch the movie "repeatedly". " The entire story can be found here: Saddam's cartoon capers.

Good stuff. I don't mind my tax money being used for that.

How to Boost Your Cell Signal

If your calls end every time you cross the dining room, you need a cellular amplifier kit. These little DC-powered devices extend service from the outdoors inside by taking even a faint signal from the closest tower and sending it around your home through an indoor antenna.


Interesting technology. I've always said, "we can send 2 golf carts to Mars and drive them remotely but I can't keep a cell signal when driving my the airport". Now, having dealt with a good bit of wireless network over the years, I understand a lot of what goes on. But that still doesn't stop me from complaining.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Hiroshima Bomb - Computer Generated Remake

Very well made CGI footage of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb blowing up.


The scary thing about this moving, beside being a survivor (trust me evaporated by the blast would be the way to go), is that the bomb(s) where dropped their are fire crackers compared to the stuff we have now.

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Segways Banned From British Streets, Sidewalks, Roads

It was supposed to launch a revolution in personal transport but has been stopped in its tracks by a strict interpretation of a 170-year-old law.


I will have some additional comments on this later.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Check out this blog...

Just found this blog when I was reading an industry rag. Anway, the blog is called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Very funny stuff.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

University of Texas is No. 1... in partying

The University of Texas at Austin was named America's best party school in a new ranking out Monday.

The school beat Pennsylvania State University, West Virginia University and last year's winner, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the Princeton Review survey of 115,000
students at campuses around the United States.


This one is for you JKW. Looks like your safe this year ;-)

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey Kensington! What's the deal?

I recently purchased the Kensington Bluetooth USB adapter (model# 33348) from good ol' Best Buy. I went to install this on a laptop but didn't have the driver CD with me. I went to the website and looked for support. I didn't find it. So, I googled it (of course) and found several posts regarding the status of the support. Well guess what? Kensington does not have a download set of drivers for it. So my question is, What's the Deal?

I know I only paid like $30.00 for the adapter but come on. You never plan to update your drivers for this thing? I mean, Linksys pretty much supports every bizarre WiFi card they ever created. I thought maybe Kensington was a real player here but I guess not. If you can't pull off support for a $30 item, why would I want to spend more with you.


So after posting this I did some more google digging and found this message thread: . In short, if you go to you will see several decent size zip files. These are the drivers you need. If you need drivers for the adapter I bought you pick

Here is the kicker, if you go to just you don't see the BT (Bluetooth) directory. It's hidden....nice!

I downloaded the driver, unzipped it and ran the install. A quick reboot and all is right with the world.

Thanks Kensington for being such tools. Thanks to my fellow netizens for helping a brother out and thanks Google for being....well Google.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We've gone back to the days of simplicity. You can get more complicated, but why bother?" Snoddy said.

NASA Borrows Ideas From Apollo Program - Great article about how the current day Nasa Engineers are reviewing the ways and technology of the past. And it makes sense. Why re-invent the wheel. The Apollo program got us to the moon and back several times. Why not just improve on what they have already done and not repeat the failures of the past.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Looking for a way to setup DNS caching for your wireless network?

Look no further than this article: DNS for a wireless network

Pretty good read and it does a decent job of explaining record types, etc.

A new way to test your bandwidth (and it looks pretty cool too!)

The site allows you to select servers to ping from around the country on an interactive map and graphically displays connections as they travel with varying speeds along the way. It also lets you store results of tests for your computer and sort them by date, time, speed and distance.


OK, I will give them this. It's pretty cool. But if you work for a large corportation, please don't run this and then complain to the IT department that the companies internet connection is slow. In large corporations there are a lot of other things at work and ping packets get the lowest of the low in priority when it comes to traffic.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

446 Million Watching TV on Their Cell Phones By 2011

From the "Take it or leave it" network: IMS Research forecasts that by the end of 2011, nearly half a billion people will be watching TV on their cellular handsets. Driven primarily by the adoption of broadcast-based services such as DVB-H, mobile digital TV will experience 50% year-on-year growth through 2010.


Wow is all I can say here. I mean, crappy programming on crapping little screens with crappy sound. I can understand the iPod deal. But TV on your cell phone? Let me also ask this. If watching TV on your cell phone is such a good idea, then why hasn't anyone really gotten the Dick Tracy wrist watch video phone thing working? You get me a wrist watch video phone that works, works longer than ten minutes and doesn't give me wrist cancer then I will think about downloading the lastest edition of "Flava of Love" to watch on my cell phone.

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Found a good blog out there

Well, I'm on PTO (potential time off) and so far so good. Tonight while surfing around, I found a great Blog call the Consumerist - Shoppers Bite Back . Some great stuff on this site. If you got some time and aren't at work (warning content is PG-13 due to language) you need to check it out. If you don't care about your companies content filtering software or just want to see if it searchs for stuff like language, take a look at the office. I don't care.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Segway Human Transporter HT-V1A passes FCC

No one's quite ready to tell us what it is or what it's for; but the FCC approved a Bluetooth transmitter for Segway. Maybe it's so Segways can communicate with each other and travel in formation.

How in the world has this company stayed in business? How many Segways have you seen in the wild (excluding California)? I have seen maybe 3 in the St. Louis area those where at tourist attractions. I mean, more power to them if they can stay in business, but I don't see the wide spread adoption of these things that they where hoping for. The price tag is still way to high.

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So how do you code an AJAX Web page?

See hands-on examples for creating lighter, faster interactive sites

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

FreeBSD and what have they been up to these days...

I just read this article about BSD Projects and what they been up to:

Very good article. I'm currently running several machine on 6.1 and still have a few on the 5.x stuff. I've been using FreeBSD since the 2.1 days. It has helped me make a living and is rock solid.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Letterman's tribute to Bill Gates and Microsoft

Turn down sound if at work. Direct YouTube link.

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Bloggers to Microsoft: Take your time with Vista

Given that the next version of Windows is more than two years late, you'd expect that people would be calling for Microsoft to get its act together and release it soon as possible. Not so.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YouTube vs My Space....My take

I've watched a good bit of video off YouTube. Now, that doesn't mean that I've watched "good" video. But here is the difference between YouTube and MySpace.

  • YouTube is striaght forward. Content is easy to find. Basic rating system seems to work.
  • MySpace is annoying. Can't find anything or anybody on Myspace without joining. Reminds me of the old web days where everyone was trying to use every "feature" in html for the sake of using it. Big (i.e. Large) wallpapers. Annoying music and every possible flashing/blinking light known to the web.

I think YouTube is doing the google thing by keeping it simple.

Here is an article which discusses that YouTube has now taken over the lead in community building websites. Pretty good read:

YouTube overtakes MySpace - The rise and rise of YouTube.

Attention, IBM remembers being kicked in the teeth....

IBM researchers predicted PC disruption by ZDNet's Tom Foremski -- It is the 25 year anniversary of the PC and I have long wondered if the industry standard technologies that resulted from the PC revolution were accidental because the computer industry always favored proprietary technologies.It was good to discuss this subject when I recently met with IBM's top strategist, Irving Wladawsky-Berger. We talked about the [...]

And who says people don't learn from History? That doesn't mean that we aren't going to repeat history again.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Turning Network Free-Riders' Lives Upside Down

"You discover that your neighbours are using your unsecured wireless network without your permission. Do you secure it? Or do you do something more fun? A few minutes with squid and iptables could greatly improve your neighbours' Web experience ..."

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Origin of Control-Alt-Delete

Hilarious video that shows how Bill Gates made Ctrl-Alt-Del famous.

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Cool picture of Space Shuttle approaching ISS (HUGE IMAGE)

Check out this amazing picture of Space Shuttle Discovery approaching the International Space Station during the STS-121 mission earlier this month.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Crazy Term for getting ripped off found...

This just in, I found out today about a new term called Vishing. It's a regular fishing scam but they are using VOIP. I'm a fan of the Asterisk PBX and have and do use it at home. Anyway, check out this article VOIPNews about new ways the scammers are creating tools to take your money.

Voice-over-IP Phishing Scams Set To Grow


Friday, July 21, 2006

Neat website and a little rude humor....

I'm not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. But I have been a big fan of Penny Arcade for several years. The first part is a blog that relates to the comic. The site is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Couple of interesting articles this morning and my 2 cents...

The first one is the recent release of a version of the Opera web browser that will run off a USB drive. It's call Opera-USB and let me tell you that is a sweet setup.

In the past I've talked about using Open Office and I know have the Open Office on a USB drive and a nice web browser also running off a USB drive. With the price of USB jump drives dropping I'm "eye balling" those 2 Gig drives and to tell you the truth, 2 gigs is a lot of space to have at your finger tips. With the latest developments in the U3 and other types of technology, these setups are hard to beat.

If you don't know, U3 is a technology that allows you to run software from your USB drives in a "virtual" environment. This is great because you don't write temp files or leave bits of data on a host machine that may get you in trouble later.

The second thing I want to bring to your attention this morning is an interesting and very true article from The Age. The article is titled Email becomes the new snail mail and it really nails what and where instant info is going. I have a BlackBerry and to tell you the truth I use the IM features when I really need answers to questions. As a matter of fact, I probably use IM a little more than e-mail during the day. The advent of IM and those other types of "instant" communications has really changed the way my team works.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BBC runs story that Digital Home still 10 years away....I say....

No Sh*t.

Here is my take. I work in the IT business and have worked there for over 10 years. We still can't get our act together and play nicely on protocols for stuff that where proposed over 20 years ago.

Now we expect everyone in the consumer market to adhere to a standard? Has anyone watch Blue-Ray vs HD-DVD? This is the VHS vs Betamax battle all over again. I think the home PC will become the engine that drives the system. I think that what we may see is a central server in the home with large amount of storage space. Display Monitors that have built in network connectivity (wifi possibly) that access that content off that server. Why....because I said so.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Let me give me a hand to the Ol' BBC for a major piece of FUD. For those who don't know what FUD is. F.U.D. stands for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

This article caught my eye. Viruses leap to smart radio tags

If you read the article, they talk about the possibility that we see RFID tags used to spread viruses.

Great job BBC. I'm going to have to answer questions for the next 2 weeks because you wanted a head line that catches people's attention.


Link to a good BSD related Blog

BSDTalk is a great blog that has a series of podcasts ranging from Interviews with members of different BSD projects to some "How To" podcasts. Very nice site. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

First Look at the Sony Vaio UX180P Micro PC

It's built like a tank! It has great fit and finish. No creaks, no uneven joints, no squeezy-squishy slots. I throw this in my purse (inside the included case) and don't worry. The UMPC is well made, but you don't get the feeling it will survive a ride in the purse or briefase as well (the 7" display being a big point of vulnerability).

Holy smokes, this is cool....

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Why I think Vonage is legit....

I read this blog entry at CIO magazine Vonage Hit With Patent Suit Filed by Klausner . Now I will tell you what this tells me. What you are seeing are the Verizon's of the world taking a bite out of Vonage or what's left of it. Will Vonage survive? This is starting to feel like Napster because once the competition see's weakness, they all start coming out of the wood work and take there swings.

I don't know. I'm a customer and use Vonage as my second phone line for work. I like it and think it's a great service. I have a couple of people that I know who use it as the primary phone line for their home. They are happy with the service and very happy with the price.

Enormous New Dam Fails In Brazil

From the "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature" deparment. It looks like whenever humans get the pants on a little high and we start thinking we have it covered, the Discovery Channel gets a new documentary subject. I think I will save this topic for some Google searches later and possible a trip over to Wikipedia.

"GIANT cracks have opened in one of the world's tallest dams, just months after completion. The cracks appeared after a tunnel collapsed on 20 June beneath the 200-metre-high Campos Novos dam in southern Brazil, and the reservoir rapidly emptied."

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Friday, July 07, 2006

RSS Feeds...OK, so why am I on this again?

Well, today after reading some articles I stumbled upon RSS Specifications. Now, I know that from time to time I just the term Technology Holy Grail. RSS is one of those things that I just need to find a real world use for. They have some pretty good suggestions for possible RSS uses.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Microsoft to Support OpenDocument!

Just found this article this morning while searching I have used Open Office for about 3 years now. Actually before they where purchased by Sun. I have used it on my FreeBSD laptop and now I have a version of it that I carry around on my Jump Drive, it's called Portable Office. I've watched it mature and I have to say that I really like it.

" In a surprise move, Microsoft is bending to pressure from governments and will sponsor an open source project to build tools that enable conversion between its Open XML formats in Office 2007 and OpenDocument. The forthcoming Office suite will also support an add-in for saving directly to ODF."

So this is very cool for the project and just goes to show you that the big guys can't fall asleep at the wheel for very long.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

TightVNC and CSpace

I have used VNC at various points to give me remote destkop acces to some machines. I was reading on digg today about a secure IM client called CSpace. Anyway one of the features in CSpace is remote desktop using TightVNC.

Well, VNC hasn't really been actively developed for a while, and I just wantd to post a link to myself about TightVNC so I will remember this stuff for later.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Why am I obsessed with this movie?

I have to say that I'm totally obsessed with The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I can't really put my finger on it. But I think that it's the totally flawed characters. I mean all of them have problems and I think they are all problems that most people have.

This movie has a little bit of everything. I mean, it's a buddy film, adventure, documentary (OK, spoof of a documentary) and a comedy. And in some very strange way it's a romance.

Anyway, I think it was a great film.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just call me mister day late and dollar short....

Well it seems that I have been Mr. Day Late and Dollar short recently. Read an article about how digg is better than slashdot. Let's face it, what I've seen so far I would have to agree with. Here are the things I like and don't like:

I like the user interface.
I'm not sure about the digg rating thing (but I just need to read some more).
I like the "blog this" option on the stories.
I like the "Upcoming Stories".

So far so good. I need to read a lot more about it. But it looks interesting so far.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm a day or two behind but I just read this about Rush....

I for a long time thought Rush was the best thing since sliced toast. I also went through my Howard Stern phase as well. Well, now Rush has this little problem. I have just one thing to say, "Rush, what where you thinking?".

Come on man. Lay low for a while and just get through your probation. That's all you had to do.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Panera Bread is the new Chili's

I don't like to post personal stuff, but I will in this case. My Wife, daughter and I go to a Panera Bread store once a week, usually on Thursday. We go there because we can have a fairly relaxed dinner that isn't fast food but is quick. There is usually a steady stream of people shuffling in and out. You see some of the same people, it's kind of like going to a bar or something so often that people just know you as a familar face. We have been doing this for 3 years.

I have noticed in the last 3 months that there is a different kind of customer showing up more and more in Panera bread. I take that back, it's really started since the Panera's now have free internet access. There seems to have been a lot of "business" type of transactions going down in my safe heaven. Everything from insurance sells, mortgage closings and interviews.

It's just interesting for me to see how work is being done and I wondering if the availability for "free" internet access at Panera has increased store sales?

Friday, February 10, 2006

XBox 360 - What happens next...

I read a BusinessWeek article I found on slashdot about the new Playstation3 and all the stuff they said it was going to be able to do. Was it going to confuse the consumer. It got me thinking.

Do you remember all the spin and articles around the XBox360 before it launched and how it was so important to Microsoft? What happened? It's been almost 3 months, I sure they have reports that they've run. Was it as successful a launch as they hoped it would be?

Check out the Trend from Ice Rocket's web site on blog posts concerning the Xbox 360.

Comments and links are appreciated.

Summer is almost here

Test run of the SS Packetman. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

Solarwinds - WAN Killer

Just a quick note. If you haven't check out a company named Solarwinds I would suggest it. I've used their Orion server based network monitoring tools for about 3 years now. It just keeps getting better and when you look at the price when compared to some of the others out there it can't be bet.

Also look at their pro tools and check out WAN Killer tool. If you need to generate network traffic for your WAN testing, this is a nice tool.