Monday, May 23, 2005

CNN: Bank security breach may be biggest yet -- Packetman: Time sharing scam avoided

CNN is reporting "Account info at Bank of America, Wachovia sold by employees; more arrests expected, N.J. police say." Here is the catch, it had nothing to do with computers. Oh, someone will say something like "there was a computer error...blah...blah....blah". But it wasn't. The one thing you start realizing the more you look at things like this, it has nothing to do with technology. People are the weakest link. It's just the way we are wired.

While I was on vacation in Mexico a couple of weeks ago I was almost sucked into a time share scam. We had just finished a day of shopping in Cozumel and we had our child with us. I was lugging all the child associated survival gear with me back to the dock so we could take the ferry back to Playa Del Carmen and catch a taxi back to the resort. When I looked up my wife was talking to some guy in a semi-official looking shirt. He asked to see our tickets for the ferry so I produced them. He then procedded to social engineer his way into finding where we stayed and then hit us with the sales pitch for his employeer. As all of this was happening before my eyes and ears I became very pissed about the whole thing. Not at him, but at myself.

The moment I showed the tickets to him, my mind screamed "What in the hell are you doing!!!!" You just gave a total stranger (who has very good english) in a foreign country a foot hold into your personal business.

The lesson, I'm always very careful about how I conduct my business online (for the most part, this blog excluded). I made a mistake with something much bigger, our lives.

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