Friday, March 18, 2005

It's for the childern...

I, like everyone who is interested in sports, sat yesterday in a little bit of disbelief at the Congressional hearings on steroids in baseball. Big Mac committed PR suicide and everyone else read from their prepared statements. So, what did I take from all of this?

I already knew that drugs where bad. Mr Macky taught me that. Ok

But what I learned is that we need to do everything for the kids. What if you child finds out that a hero did something wrong or bad? What does that mean for the kids. It means that someone should tell them that people make mistakes.

The congressman or senators or whatever where outraged that MLB players union gave someone 5 chances to clean up before they where thrown out of baseball. They shouldn't be. If you work for a medium to large company, look at their drug policy. As long as your not stealing from the company to pay for your drugs more than likely they will try to put you in some type of treatment center to help you. But back to baseball. There is one ex-met player who repeatedly had problems with cocain. Did they kick him out after the first problem? No so why should steroids be treated any differently? The last time I check cocain was illegal.

Why don't we ask a congressman or senator this: Should someone who holds public office be thrown out the first time they do something illegal?

Lets say that baseball changes the policy and bans someone after the first offence. Then that player commits suicide because of that. What now? How many people would say "They should have helped this person."?

MLB and the players union are in a no win situation. Why? Because they put themselves there.

I feel congress should be working to continue to help Iraq get back on it's feet again not beat MLB over the head.

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